About Us

Now there is one easy guide to find the perfect allotment to build your dream home on.


Just Land QLD is a free booklet designed to promote land availability & the building industry within the Fraser Coast region to new & existing residents showcasing a range of lifestyle options to choose from.


As the Fraser Coast area covers a lot of square kilometres, it’s hard for visitors looking to move here to find the perfect block to build their new home.


Having worked within the building industry for over 7 years and having spoken to many visitors to our region it is apparent that they spend a lot of time driving around, visiting numerous real estate agents and many hours driving in the hope to find that perfect block. While some are lucky to find their perfect block, many end up with a collection of flyers, brochures and still have no idea on where to start or what the region has to offer.  


A lot of confusion can follow.


  • Where was that estate we liked?

  • Who did we have to contact again?

  • Was it online that I saw it?

  • What were they asking for that block?

  • Where is that brochure that I picked up!


These are just a few of the questions that newbuyers in our area experience. Then throw in the advice from the locals and they are even more confused.


This is where the Just Land QLD steps in to help, this A5 booklet, which will be updated and issued quarterly, will include:


  • New land developments 

       including easy to read directions 

  • Land listings from Real Estate Agents

  • Land listings from Private Sellers

  • Large centre map 

  • & the NOT JUST LAND section, that 

       will include builders, trade supplies, 

       finance, insurance, advice & more.